Appointed Officers

Appointed officials of Sugar City include the clerk-treasurer, deputy-clerks and attorney, who are office staff, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and other committees.


Planning and Zoning Commission

P&Z Chairman – Derek Taylor

P&Z                  – David Fluckiger

P&Z                  – Suzanne Williams

P&Z                  – Spencer Haacke

P&Z                  – Brian Hawkes

Design Review Chairman – Spencer Cook

Design Review                  – Suzanne Williams

Design Review                  – Connie Grassi

Tree & Beautification Committee

Tree & Beautification Chairperson – Karri Tingey

Tree & Beautification Secretary     – Rozan Miller

Tree & Beautification                      – Amanda Taylor

Tree & Beautification                      – Lynsee Bean

Tree & Beautification                      – Ron Smith

Tree & Beautification                      – Loretta Smith

Tree & Beautification                      – Joy Ball

Historic Preservation Committee

Donna Kinghorn

Grant Johnson

Linda Johnson

Becky Brighton

Blake Grover

Becky Derrick

Joann Peters

Martha Arnell

Alternative Transportation Committee

Heidi Thurgood

Claudia Mecham

Ron Arnold

Whitney Arnold

Spencer Cook

Miriam Cook

Mitch Workman

Melanie Workman

Greg Preslar

Elaine Preslar

Tennis Committee (2023-)