Sugar City Public Works

Our Services


The City provides Water, Sewer and Garbage Services


Water Meter Questions

Sometimes questions arise regarding city utilities. Our proficient staff can help

Winter Snow Plowing

Whenever 2.5 inches of snow falls, city streets are cleaned that night

Yearly Events

From Sugar Days to the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Front Office Staff has you covered, they help organize events, along with other staff and volunteers

Park Maintenence

The parks are the pride and joy of the City’s Public Works

Anything Else

In need of directions? Lost an item in a park? Questions about permits? Anything else? Our front office will either have the answer or know where to direct you


"I love working for the city mainly because of the great work environment and the people I work with. My co-workers are bright, honest, cheerful and willing to go the second mile. The elected officials have Sugar City's best interest at heart and work hard for their constituents. I feel it is a great privilege and blessing to work for the city."

Wendy McLaughlin

"I love my job! Helping cheerful customers is most often the best part of the day. A good attitude and a smile go a long way when working with your peers and with the public. It has been an eye-opening experience to see how much hard work goes on behind the scenes that people are generally unaware of. The staff is amazing and they are always willing to help with any project. Great teamwork makes the workplace enjoyable."

Shelley Jones

Why I love working for the City

Vickie Robertson

Public Works Staff

Dependable and friendly, our Public Works team is always a pleasure to work with

Arlynn Jacobson

Public Works Director

Cody Cureton

Assistant to the Public Works Director

Derik Mason

Public Works Specialist

Quinton Owens

Building Inspector

Kimber Jones

City Code Officer

Kurt Hibbert

Planning and Zoning Administrator

Check back for any announcements

Upcoming Plans for 2024

In the year of 2024…


Periodically there are jobs needing to be done which are posted for companies to make bids on the projects, check back here for upcoming bids