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Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Protocol:
As the winter season starts we would like to remind everyone of our snow removal protocol.  We plow every time we get 3” or more, or if we get several small storms in a row that start to add up. If there are several storms in the forecast then we try to plow after the last one if possible.  Also we like to have a small amount of snow packed down on the roads to help protect them.  This helps to not damage the slurry seal or chip seal coats and helps extend the life of the cutting edges.  We try to plow between the hours of 12:00 -7:00 a.m. if possible but sometimes have to plow during the day.  We ask that during that time you please keep all vehicles off the roads.  We try to send a notice out through our city app and Facebook to help keep you aware. We also try to keep Center street and the sidewalks along center street and around the schools cleared after every storm to provide the kids with a safer route.  We would also like to remind everyone that it is the responsibility of each property owner to keep the sidewalks on their property clear of snow.  Also remember that it is illegal to shovel, blow, or push any snow out into the street.  Most people probably don’t realize that it costs the city at least $2000 – 2500 every time we plow the entire city, because of this we try to manage funds as effectively as possible.  Thank you for your assisitance!

Sugar City Historical Museum Commission

We encourage current and past residents of Sugar City to donate any digital records that we can post on here for historical purposes. We also are happy to get physical items for our future History Museum in Sugar City.

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