May 2024 CALENDAR  

May 2 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm

Mar 9 – City Council 6:30 pm

Ma7 10 – Arbor Day Celebration 

May 12 – Mother’s Day

May 13 – Cemetery Levy Info Meeting at SSHS 7pm

May 16 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm

Public Hearing / S.U. Permit for Sunpro

Mar 28  – City Council 6:30 pm

May 27 – Memorial Day – Office Closed

Dates to Remember: 

June 6– Planning & Zoning 7:00 pm

June 14 & 15 – Community Breakfast & Sugar Days

***All city meetings are subject to change -see  city website for meeting schedules***


ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Starting May 1st through August there will be road construction and detours on the S curve leading out of Sugar City.

PLANNING & ZONING PUBLIC HEARING: May 16th at 7pm at city hall. It is for a Special Use Permit for Sunpro to construct a building & lumber division on property north of ProPeat up Hwy 33. For more information and a map, contact city hall.

HOLIDAY GARBAGE PICKUP: Garbage pickup for the week of Memorial Day will be Saturday, June 1st.  

GO PAPERLESS, SAVE $1: We appreciate all of those who have signed up for e-billing. We encourage you to create an account for your  utilities and select paperless billing, which will save the $1 service fee the  city charges for paper billing. You can set up auto pay with a minimal fee. You will be directed to XPRESS website when you select the “View Bills” tab  on the city’s website at

SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: Backflow preventers are required on all sprinkler systems. If you didn’t have a test on your sprinkler system backflow preventer done last year, please have one done this year and return your report to City Hall or email it to This is necessary to ensure that contamination of the water supply will not happen in the event of a pressure loss to the water system. Even numbered addresses are to be tested this year and odd numbered address are to be tested in odd numbered years. If you have an odd numbered address and did not test last year, it needs to be tested this year also. Businesses are required to test every year. The deadline to have these completed is July 1st to avoid water services from being terminated. If you have an appointment to have your test done and it is after the 1st of July, please notify the city at with the date it is scheduled and with whom. Thank you!

DOG LICENSES: Please come in and purchase a lifetime tag. Licenses are required. Licenses are $15.00 per pet for their lifetime. If you have a photo of your pet to put on file this would also be helpful. To avoid fines, please license your pets, keep them on a leash and remove any waste they leave anywhere along your walk.


 Steve Adams, Mayor 

Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer 

Arlynn Jacobson, Public Works Director 

Quinton Owens, City Building Inspector 

Kimber Jones, Code Enforcement Officer 


Ph: 208-356-7561 Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. P.O. Box 56 – 10 E. Center  Fax: 208-359-2654 Sugar City, ID 83448