Sugar Beet Factory

Sugar City was chartered in 1903 and incorporated under the general laws of Idaho in 1906. The Upper Snake River Valley was being developed into farms and ranches. Its volcanic soil and the cool summer nights of the region’s high elevation were ideal for growing potatoes – and sugar beets. Sugar City was laid out to be near the largest factory of the Utah & Idaho Sugar Company, built in 1904.

The Union Pacific Railroad opened the region to national markets, not only for sugar but also for livestock, grains, potatoes, and timber.

Citizens no longer see the 100-pound bags of U&I sugar. Due to changes in technology and marketing, the sugar factory closed in 1942, having produced 405,000 tons of sweetness. Today, Sugar City is home to farmers, educators, businessmen, and workers in varied other vocations.

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Mayoral History

Between 1906, when Sugar City was incorporated under the general laws of Idaho, and 1961, the city was the “Village of Sugar City,” led by a board.


Thomas Austin, 1906

Alfred Ricks, 1907

J. W. Phillips, 1919

Alfred Ricks, Sr., 1923

J. Morgan Smith, 1927

Charles O. Hamilton, 1929

Leffel A. Bean, 1931

J. Kenneth Thatcher, 1947

John Wilding, 1952

Emery Thomas, 1957

LaMar Barrus, 1961 (appointed mayor 9-5-67)


LaMar Barrus, 9‑5‑67

Glenn W. Dalling, 1968 (first elected mayor)

Lawrence Grover, 1972

Lyle H. Moon, 1-14-76, 1-9-80, 1-11-84

Rondo Barrus, 1-6-88

Albert W. Burton, 1-8-92

Roy P. Hill, 1-11-96

Lawrence E. Nielsen, 1-13-00

Glenn W. Dalling, 1-8-04, 1-10-08, 1-12-12

W. Lamont Merrill, 2-12-15

Dave Ogden, 2016 – 2019

Steven Adams, 2020 – present



First School


Sugar Beet Factory Closed


The Flood


Growth but still the sweetest little town in Idaho

Sugar City