Jan 1 – New Year’s Day  

Jan 2 – New Year’s Observed – Office Closed Jan 5 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm Jan 12 – City Council 6:00 pm 

Jan 16 – Civil Rights Day – Office Closed Jan 19 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm Jan 26 – City Council 6:00 pm 

Dates to Remember: 

Feb 2 – Planning & Zoning 7:00 pm  *All city meetings are subject to change.  Citizens are invited to attend Planning &  Zoning and City Council Meetings.  Agendas are on the city website and on  the door at city hall 48 hours prior to the  meetings. You may call city hall to ask  what items are being discussed. *


CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING: We appreciate the citizen turnout for the celebration. A special thanks to Shari Vail and the Kershaw Intermediate School Choir for participating in our Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. We are also grateful for the Madison County Sheriff’s and Fire Departments for escorting Santa. We also thank our Public Works Department and our City Event Coordinator Erieka  Pimental for the Christmas lights and decorations.

BUSINESS LICENSE REMINDER: Business licenses expired December  31st. Commercial licenses are $20.00. Home businesses are $10.00. You  may send in a check to pay for your license and a new license will be  mailed to you. (Do not combine with utility payment; it must be a  separate check.) 

KENNEL LICENSE RENEWALS: Kennel licenses expired December 31st. Come into city hall to pay for your renewal, which is $10.00. 

DOG LICENSE REMINDER: Make sure your pets are licensed with a Sugar City tag. Dog tags are available at city hall. The  cost is $15 per pet for their lifetime. Not having your dog licensed violates city code and has a fine of $150.00. There is a two  dog limit per household. Please include a photo of your pet to keep on file. 

HOLIDAY CLOSURES: City Hall will be closed January 2nd for New Year’s and January 16th for Civil Rights Day. 

HOLIDAY GARBAGE PICK-UP: Garbage pickup will be on a normal schedule for New Years and Civil Rights holidays. PSI  Environmental will not pick up garbage sitting outside of the provided container. If you need more than one can for your  garbage service, please call city hall to obtain a second can. Please tie garbage bags tightly before placing garbage bags in  containers. 

SNOW REMOVAL: Keep cars uncovered from snow and parked back off roads to eliminate being clipped by the snowplows. DO NOT BLOW, PUSH OR SHOVEL SNOW INTO ROADS. According to City Code 4-5-2 B it constitutes a Misdemeanor. 

OVERNIGHT PARKING: Reminder of our snow ordinance, City Code 6-1-2 A.1, no parking on city streets from December  1st through March 1st, between the hours of 12 midnight and 7 a.m. Failure to comply constitutes an infraction. 

**DON’T FORGET TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH NEW ONLINE PAYMENT PROVIDER** There is no  cost to create an account. The switch was made to Xpress Bill Pay to provide you with many new and  enhanced features like full bill presentation, paperless billing, billing history, auto pay with minimal fee, stored payment  information and email notifications which will include the MONTHLY NEWSLETTER. You will be directed to the new website  when you select the “NEW – Xpress Bill Pay Online Payments” red tab on the city’s website at www.sugarcityidaho.gov or you  can access Xpress Bill Pay at https://xpressbillpay.com/#/?org=sugarcity10859


 Steve Adams, Mayor 

Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer 

Arlynn Jacobson, Public Works Director 

Quinton Owens, City Building Inspector 

Kimber Jones, Code Enforcement Officer 


Ph: 208-356-7561 Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. P.O. Box 56 – 10 E. Center  Fax: 208-359-2654 Sugar City, ID 83448