1. Lamont Merrill, Mayor 

      Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer M. Zane Baler, Public Works Director  Phone: (208) 356 7561 

      Fax: (208) 359 2654 

      Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

      October 2015 


      City of Sugar City


      P.O. Box 56 10 East Center 

      Sugar City, Idaho 83448 

      Support our local businesses 

      Dear Sugar City Residents:  

      Dear Sugar City Residents:  

      WATER METERS: Last meter reading of this  

      year will be taken at the end of this month. Save  

      money – stop watering by October 31st. This will  

      keep the sewer portion of your bill lower through the winter.  FALL CLEANUP: Cleanup starts at  

      Sept 28 Oct 9 – Harvest Break 

      Oct 1 – Planning & Zoning Meeting, 7 p.m. Oct 8 – City Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Oct 12 – Columbus Day 

      Oct 15 –Planning & Zoning Meeting, Public  Hearing, 7 p.m. 

      Oct 19 – City wide Clean-up 

      Oct 22 – City Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m. 

      8 a.m. on October 19th. We will start  on the southwest corner of town and  then move east, and then start on the  north side of town on the west and  

      move east.  

      Since it is expensive for the crews to  backtrack, we will be unable to  accommodate backtrack requests. 

      Yard waste, appliances, and other  

      Due to regulations, please be reminded that we cannot pick up: 

      • leaves and grass clippings unless  they are bagged,  
      • large projects such as remodeling  materials, roofing, large pieces of  concrete and tires,  
      • and hazardous waste such as: paint,  chemicals, batteries, and used oil.

      Oct 31 Halloween 

      Looking Forward: 

      Nov 1 Daylight Savings Ends 


      Web site: sugarcityidaho.gov 

      Facebook: facebook.com/sugarcityidaho Twitter: twitter.com/sugarcityidahow 


      911 – Emergencies  

      356 5426 – Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency)  356 3282 – Crime Busters (to stay anonymous)  Web site: www.madisonsheriff.com 

      items can be set out in the alley. Items may also be placed in front of  your home (only in cases of there being no alley). There is also a  dumpster in the compound north of where the silo stood for clean-up  items to be discarded.  

      Please cut tree limbs to ten-foot lengths or less. Be courteous and  make sure the items set out do not become a public nuisance or are  loose to blow in the wind. Thank you for your help in this effort. 

      ALLEY CLUTTER: We have noticed that many of the city alleys are being  used to park campers, trailers, fire wood and other debris. Please remember  that these city easements are for utility services, city equipment and  emergency equipment only. 

      PUBLIC HEARING: A public hearing will be held on Thursday, October  15, 2015 at 7 p.m. at Sugar City Hall regarding the application for a Special  Use Permit for a proposed fertilizer plant that will produce a dry nitrogen peat  moss mix. For more information please contact us as city hall. 

      AMERICAN’S WITH DISABILITIES ACT SIDEWALK GRANT: The  city has received a grant to remodel sizeable sidewalk intersections on Center  Street to make them more easily accessible.  

      UTILITY FEE INCREASE: A reminder that utility fee for water, sewer &  garbage will increase starting in October. You will notice the increase on your  November billing. Please call if you have questions.  

      Mayor Lamont Merrill, City Counsel and Staff  

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