Oct 5 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm Oct 9 – Columbus Day – City Hall Closed Oct 12 – City Council 6:30 pm 

Oct 13 – Treats in the Streets 4-7 p.m. City hall closes at 1:30 for event prep Oct 19 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm  Oct 26 – City Council 6:30 pm 

Oct 31 – Halloween 

Dates to Remember: 

Nov 2 – Planning & Zoning 7:00 pm  Nov 5 – Daylight Savings Ends 

Nov 7 – Election Day – for information go to: https://www.co.madison.id.us/departments /elections 

***All city meetings are subject to change – see city  website for meeting schedules***


TREATS IN THE STREETS  Center Street & Heritage Park, Sugar City, ID 

Friday, October 13, 2023 

4:00 to 7:00 p.m.  

Free to the Community! It’s time to start planning your best costumes to share in the fun at  our Treats in the Streets Celebration. If interested in being a vendor, please contact city hall at 208-356-7561  or email sjones@sugarcityidaho.govThere will be: Entertainment, Rock Wall Climbing, Bounce House,  Hayrides, Police & Fire Department Display, Games, Food Trucks and  Vendors.  Bring a bag or bucket to collect Halloween goodies. Be sure to have kids wear comfortable shoes to walk around. Bring a jacket or sweater for the kids to cover up as it cools down in the  evening. Bring spending money to purchase food and drinks from local businesses  and vendors.  Parents should not wear masks.  Bring a stroller for babies and toddlers.  Parking is available on the surrounding neighborhood streets.  Center Street will be closed off for this event from 3:30-7:30 PM. **This event is not replacing the annual Trunk or Treat that happens  on Halloween that is put on by the Community, this is a separate event.** 

WATER METERS: Last meter reading of this year will be taken at the end of this month. To keep your average utility  bill for the winter lower, stop outdoor watering by October 25th. MAKE SURE METERS ARE UNCOVERED! The public  works crew has had problems reading meters because some are covered. Please do not store cars, trailers, woodpiles or  other objects on top of city meters. This takes the crew more time to do their job efficiently.  

REMINDER: There is no longer a city cleanup. Do not place anything, anytime in alleys. Alleys are being used to put  campers, trailers, firewood and other debris in. Please remember that these city easements are for utility services, city  equipment and emergency equipment only. To avoid a $150 fine, please park and place all personal items on your own  property, not in alleys. Storing debris on streets or alleys is a violation of city code 3-1-13:A. Storing items on  streets or alleys is a violation of city code 6-1-2:A.  

BURNING WITHIN THE CITY: County guidelines must be followed. You can register and read regulations for burning  at the following website: http://fdmadison.org/.  

WINTERIZING SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: Please have your backflow preventer checked if you didn’t have a test done this  summer or last year; please email your report to city hall (ajacobson@sugarcityidaho.gov). This is necessary to ensure  that contamination of the water supply will not happen in the event of a pressure loss to the water system. 

FALL TREE PRUNING: While trimming your trees and bushes this fall, please remember to trim along the  streets and back from street signs. Branches along streets must be trimmed twelve (12) feet up off the ground. Bushes along the streets must be trimmed down to a height of no more than three (3) feet. Thank you! 

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 Steve Adams, Mayor 

Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer 

Arlynn Jacobson, Public Works Director 

Quinton Owens, City Building Inspector 

Kimber Jones, Code Enforcement Officer 


Ph: 208-356-7561 Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. P.O. Box 56 – 10 E. Center  Fax: 208-359-2654 Sugar City, ID 83448