1. Lamont Merrill, Mayor 

    Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer M. Zane Baler, Public Works Director  Phone: (208) 356 7561 

    Fax: (208) 359 2654 

    Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


    Aug 24, 8:00 am– Sept 4, 5:00 pm 

     – Candidate Filing Period Open 

    Sept 3 – Planning & Zoning Meeting, 7 p.m.  Public Hearing  


    Sept 5 – Last day to bring in Election Forms Sept 7 – Labor Day – Office Closed 

    Sept 10 – City Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Sept 11 – Patriot Day 

    Sept 17 – Constitution Day 

    Planning & Zoning Meeting, 7 p.m. 

    Sept 22 – Autumn Begins 

    Sept 24 – City Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Sept 23 Oct 9 – Harvest Break 

    Looking Forward: 

    Oct 19 – City Wide Clean-up 


    Web site: sugarcityidaho.gov 

    Facebook: facebook.com/sugarcityidaho Twitter: twitter.com/sugarcityidahow 


    911 – Emergencies  

    356 5426 – Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency)  356 3282 – Crime Busters (to stay anonymous)  Web site: www.madisonsheriff.com

    City of Sugar City


    P.O. Box 56 10 East Center 

    Sugar City, Idaho 83448 

    Support our local businesses 

    Dear Sugar City Residents:  

    Dear Sugar City Residents:  

    FLOWERS: Did you enjoy the flowers on Main Street 

    this summer? We have appreciated the contributions to this  

    cause. Donations to the flower fund will help keep this tradition  going next summer.  

    CITY ELECTION: If interested in petitioning for one of these  positions; come by City Hall and pick up a petition of candidacy. One – 4 year Mayor Seat 

    • Two – 4 year council seats 
    • One – 2 year council seat 

    CHRONIC DISEASE SELF-MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (CDSMP): Free  workshop. A series of workshops for people with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease,  lung disease, and other health problems. Sponsored by Eastern Idaho Community  Action Partnership. Will be held at Sugar City School District (105 West Center,  Sugar City, Idaho). For more information: call Brenda at (208) 201-4615. 

    CITY UPDATES: Summer is winding down, but there are a lot of issues that the  City continues to be involved in. I thought the City residents would be interested  in being made aware of some of these issues. 

    • The bridge across the Teton River is nearing completion. 
    • The subdivision north of the Teton River, called River Bend Ranch, is in  the planning stage. 
    • The old Farm Estates subdivision south of town is moving forward with  its next stage of planning. 
    • The planning for a new well within the city is being worked on. We have negotiated contracts with three internet providers who pay the  City to have the use of our water tower. 
    • Updates and changes have been made to our City Comprehensive Plan. We’re working on a new twenty-year franchise agreement with Rocky  Mountain Power. 
    • The southwest part of the City is being included in an urban renewal  district in preparation for development. 
    • We are installing Scada metering devices on our water and sewer lines  where they will be helpful and where we can afford them. 
    • We have placed some playground equipment in the Mayor Park to help  with the overflow use of Heritage Park. 
    • The County Food Bank will be distributed in Sugar City in the coming  months. 
    • New security camera equipment has been installed. 
    • We continue to keep the streets in as good a condition as we can afford. We have applied for a grant to help install A.D.A. ramps on Center Street  intersections. 

    Mayor Lamont Merrill, City Counsel and Staff  

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