Sept 4 – Labor Day – City Hall closed

Sept 6 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm

Sept 11 – Patriot Day 

Sept 13 – City Council 6:30 pm

Sept 20 – Planning and Zoning 7:00 pm

Sept 23 – First Day of Autumn

Sept 27 – City Council 6:30 pm

Dates to Remember: 

Oct 5 – Planning & Zoning 7:00 pm

*All city meetings are subject to change. Citizens  are invited to attend Planning & Zoning and City  Council Meetings. Agendas are on the city  website and on the door at city hall 48 hours prior  to the meetings. You may call city hall to ask  what items are being discussed. * 


SCHOOL IS IN SESSION: We want to  remind everyone that the speed limit  on Center St. is 25 m.p.h. during school  hours. Please drive carefully. 


  • Glade & Sarah Pinnock
  • Jared Richards

GARBAGE PICK-UP REMINDER: Due to Labor Day, Monday the 4th,  garbage pick-up will be on Saturday, September 9th. Please have  garbage set out by 6:00 a.m. 

**NEWS ON 5TH SOUTH** The new road will not be opened until the new section connecting 7th S is completed. 

OCTOBER TREATS IN THE STREETS: It’s time to start  planning your best costumes to share in the fun at our  Treats in the Streets Celebration. It will be held on Friday,  October 13th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. More information will  follow on our city website and city Facebook. If interested  in being a vendor, please contact city hall at 208-356-7561  or email  

SIDEWALKS AND PARKING IN CITY: There have been people parking or partially parking vehicles and trailers  on sidewalks. SUGAR CITY CODE 5-2-6 PROBHITED PARKING, states in part that no person shall park on a  sidewalk area. This also includes sidewalk areas in front of driveways. To avoid city citations, please see that  all sidewalk areas are clear and handicap accessible. No part of a car should be on a sidewalk. Other items  making it difficult for wheelchair access should also be removed from sidewalks. Please review the city’s  Parking Ordinance for further information. 

PARKING CODE: We have noticed that many of the city streets and alleys are being used to park campers and  trailers. Please park and place all personal items on your own property, not in alleys or on streets.  6-1-2 Parking Regulations. “… no person shall stop, stand, park or deposit a trailer, shipping container,  storage container, drop box or any other non-vehicular item in and on street parking spaces, for a period longer  than one hundred twenty (120) consecutive hours, i.e., 5 days.  

5-2-6 G Recreational Vehicle Parking: No person shall park an unoccupied recreational vehicle as defined by  Idaho Code section 49-119 on any residentially zoned street or alley right of way for more than seven (7)  consecutive days and no more than fourteen (14) days cumulative total in any one calendar year….  


 Steve Adams, Mayor 

Wendy McLaughlin, Clerk-Treasurer 

Arlynn Jacobson, Public Works Director 

Quinton Owens, City Building Inspector 

Kimber Jones, Code Enforcement Officer 


Ph: 208-356-7561 Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. P.O. Box 56 – 10 E. Center  Fax: 208-359-2654 Sugar City, ID 83448