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Sugar Days Vendor Application

Saturday, July 10, 2021 Heritage Park, Center St., Sugar City, Id 11:00 am-8:00 pm

The City is Inviting Food*, Commercial and Arts & Crafts Vendors to Participate in Providing Family Oriented Products & Activities for the Celebration

Event ID: 1992425472

Start Date: July 10, 2021
End Date: July 10, 2021
SUGAR CITY, ID 83448-0056
ALL event PARTICIPANTS must do the following:
  1. Go to and under “Sellers and Promoters” click “Register as a Temporary Seller or Promoter.”
  2. Choose “Seller WITH Event ID” > “Next”
  3. Choose “I am going to an event” > “Next”
  4. Enter the Event ID > “Next”
  5. Enter your Seller Information > “Next”
  6. Choose Purpose: “I am not making taxable sales,” “I have a regular permit” or “I need a temporary permit.” > “Next”
  7. Review your entry > “Submit”
  8. Check your email account for further instructions or attached Temporary Sellers Permit (if applicable).

All participants need to register but Regular Sales & Use Tax holders do NOT need a Temp Permit.
Food Booth Vendors - you must have a PHOTOCOPY of your state TEMPORARY LICENSE or EXEMPTION FORM with you in your booth. Call the local Public Health Office at 356-3239 if you have questions about a temporary food license. (Not the same as your regular food business license.)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a photo of the item
Space rental includes: 15’ x 15’ booth space – You provide table/chair/canopy Electricity has Limited Availability, We will contact you if needed.
$ 0.00

Rental Agreement

This agreement made by and between, the City of Sugar City, ORGANIZER hereafter, and The Business Listed with this application, hereafter called VENDOR.

ORGANIZER and VENDOR agree to the following:

1. ORGANIZER leases to VENDOR display space in the “Sugar Days Celebration” to be held in Heritage Park Saturday, July 10, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

2. Display space will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Vendor fee entitles VENDOR to a 15’ x 15’ space and electricity (for $5 if needed).

3. VENDOR shall not, without prior written consent of ORGANIZER, assign or sublet any part of this lease/ display space.

4. VENDOR agrees to occupy the space for the full time of the Sugar Days Celebration in Heritage Park. It is further agreed that if said VENDOR does not occupy the contracted space or fails to comply in any other respect with the terms of this agreement, that the ORGANIZER shall have the right, without notice to the VENDOR, to sell such space or any part thereof. Therefore, the VENDOR, failing to occupy said space or comply with any of the provisions of this agreement, agrees to pay entire contract price, as loss and/ or damage suffered by said ORGANIZER on account of such failure. Notification of cancellation must be made by Friday, July 2, 2021 or any monies exchanged will not be refundable.

5. ORGANIZER will not be responsible for any loss by fire, theft, wind, storm, explosion, or any other cause whatsoever, to any property belonging to VENDOR, nor is ORGANIZER, responsible from loss of occupancy or other loss to VENDOR by destruction or damage to the display area. VENDOR releases ORGANIZER from any and all other causes whatsoever, for theft or damage to equipment, booths or displays within the booths – by fire, rain, accident or any other cause whatsoever, VENDOR assumes full and total responsibility for all patrons of the Sugar Days Celebration in Heritage Park who enter VENDOR’S display area and releases and agrees to indemnify ORGANIZER from any claims by any patron concerning the goods or services VENDOR displays, provides or sells at or in connection with the Sugar Days Celebration in Heritage Park. VENDOR agrees to bear full responsibility for any damage caused to the exhibition facility by VENDOR, his agents or employees during the Sugar Days Celebration in Heritage Park, while setting up, and while tearing down of the display area. VENDOR agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and covenants not to sue ORGANIZER for any and all liability, real or alleged, arising out of or in connection with this lease agreement. VENDOR agrees to pay all costs of collection, default, breach or enforcement hereunder, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

6. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: Vendor agrees to hold organizer harmless to all liability issues pertaining to this Sugar Days Celebration. I, the VENDOR, hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the ORGANIZER and all of their employees, agents, representatives and volunteers harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including attorney's fees), judgments, and penalties arising out of (i) any third party claims concerning alleged defective products or merchandise manufactured, distributed, provided and/or sold by the VENDOR; (ii) any act or omission to act of the VENDOR, its employees, servants, and agents. I understand the ORGANIZER reserves the right to remove any vendors that they deem inappropriate to the Celebration. I acknowledge failure to comply with the standards of being "suitable for all ages" may result in my removal from the Celebration and jeopardize my participation in future Celebrations. I understand that there are no refunds or rain checks due to inclement weather. In consideration of the ORGANIZER’S acceptance of my application, I agree to accept all decisions of the city as final. I agree to allow the city use of enclosed promotional materials, as well as photographs and videotapes taken during the 2021 Sugar Days Celebration, for purposes of promoting the Celebration this year and in future years. I also agree to allow the ORGANIZER to release my name to the public for promotion. I understand that the ORGANIZER does not carry insurance to cover my personal property, merchandise, product, or equipment and that I store and present my product, merchandise and equipment at my own risk.

7. This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and no oral or other representation not contained herein shall be binding upon the parties hereto.

8. Set up complete by 11:00 a.m. Take down complete by 9:00 p.m. Vehicles allowed on grass for set up and take down only!

9. Contact Information: City of Sugar City P.O. Box 56 Sugar City, ID, 83448 Tel: 208-356-7561 Fax: 208-359-2654

I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this application. I understand and agree by signing that any false statement will result in forfeiture of booth space and all fees. Please Fill out this form and pay fee no later than July 2, 2021. Make checks payable to the City of Sugar City.

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